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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease.


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It is the oldest form of medicine known. We are now able to identify the chemical constituents by means of modern technology, and many of these constituents thought to be the main active ingredients have been extracted or artificially manufactured in laboratories and are the basis of modern pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal drugs have an advantage to pharmaceutical agents in that they are extracts of the whole plant and contain hundreds or thousands of chemical constituents, some which have been identified, and some which have not yet been identified. In this “whole” form they contain chemicals that are already in balance and very often the combinations naturally counteract many of the side effects that are found in the purified pharmaceutical drugs. In this way they are deemed to be “safer” than pharmaceutical drugs if used in the correct manner by sufficiently trained herbalists.

The Herbalist approach to medicine is a holistic approach, taking all symptoms, physical mental and even spiritual into account when prescribing (similar to the approach of acupuncture, homoeopathy and healing). Treatment may include advise on lifestyle, nutrition, and other complementary medication or therapies.

Herbal medicine works in a similar manner to conventional medicines in the herb’s affinity for certain organ systems. Similarly to the manner in which food nourishes the body, herbs can be seen to have an effect on and nourish certain organs and organ systems, by means of detoxifying or strengthening. As the body is strengthened, the immune system improves and the body is able to fight off disease more easily and appropriately. Heath then follows.

Herbs can treat almost any medical condition that patients may take to a Veterinarian or doctor.

Most common complaints include, Skin conditions, Digestive disorders, Immune system disorders, Arthritic conditions, Cancers, Gynaecological complaints, circulatory problems, allergic conditions, Stress conditions, some psychological conditions, migraine and headaches.

A herbalist or properly trained holistic practitioner knows when it is best to be seen by a different therapist or conventional doctor or Veterinarian.

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