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There are many forms of hands on and hands off healing. Such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Body Talk, and Crystal Healing, all of which may be practiced on animals.

For more info on Animal Talk - the animal version of Body Talk click HERE

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is the use of crystals and gemstones to enhance, filter, focus, direct and/or amplify the ubiquitous universal healing energy channelled by the therapist to the patient.


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Various natural crystals and gemstones are carefully chosen and placed on, above or around the patient to create the most appropriate environment to harmonise with and enhance the natural healing capability of the patient. The therapist works with skill, intuition and divine guidance to effect the best treatment for the patient at the time, and thus methods may be quite different every time. The result is to speed up or trigger a healing response within the body.

What should I expect?

Crystal healing is a holistic form of therapy. It treats all parts of the individual: physical ailments, emotional problems, mental stresses, spiritual and etheric disorders. I will ask you for a history of your ailments at the beginning of the first treatment and brief follow-up history at the subsequent visits, to ensure all aspects have been covered and to ensure your safety. The first consultation is usually longer than the subsequent ones. I will then ask you to either stay seated or lie down on a therapy table and to completely relax. Depending on the need, I may take you through a short relaxation meditation / visualisation.  I will then commence the treatment, which may last up to 30 minutes. During this time patients usually experience deep calm, relaxation and inner peace. Sometimes if there is an energetic block, there may be some transient pain while the energies are becoming unblocked. It can also happen that you feel massive release during these sessions, which will then be explained and you will be supported through it. You will be given a chance to relax and assimilate the healing at the end of the session and you are welcome to ask questions or give further feedback at this time.

How does it work?

Working and healing with crystals helps to rebalance the subtle energy system that is integral to maintaining the balance of the whole body, mind and spirit structure. Imbalances may be caused by emotions, stress, inappropriate diet, disease, improper body function or lack of exercise amongst many others. Often the subtle energy system becomes unbalanced or “dis-eased” long before it becomes visible to us in the mental, emotional or physical realm.

What conditions can be treated?

All conditions can be treated using crystal therapy, however as a therapist I am unable to specifically treat notifiable diseases on their own. I also prefer not to work with pregnancy even though it is deemed to be perfectly safe.

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