Acupressure for clients to use at home

Acupressure is the massage version of acupuncture. It is used in our practice to enhance the healing process of the acupuncture treatment given in consultation where continued stimulation is necessary. It is important only to repeat these points as often as is prescribed, as not all patients require the same amount of stimulation. Only trained practitioners can decide when, which points and how often they need to be stimulated.

Acupressure is administered by someone specially trained in the technique or may be practiced at home by anyone who learns the location of the points, their corresponding symptoms or conditions, and how to apply the pressure.

The force recommended for different points varies. In general, most points call for a steady, downward (2 pound) pressure lasting one to two minutes. If you plan to apply pressure to a specific point several times in a row, do so on one side of the body before switching to the corresponding point on other side.

The risks of acupressure are minimal, provided certain cautions are observed. Never stimulate the points named Large Intestine 4 and Spleen 6 nor any points in the abdominal area unless specifically advised during pregnancy.

Do not apply pressure to open wounds, varicose veins, directly over tumours, inflamed or infected skin, sites of recent surgery, or areas where a bone is still broken, unless specifically indicated to do so by your practitioner.