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About us
Acupuncture Veterinarian and owner of Mandala Health

Anuska trained as a conventional Veterinarian in South Africa and qualified from Onderstepoort in June 1993.    She completed a post graduate Honours degree in Medicine, Anaesthesiology and Clinical Pathology in 1995 whilst running an animal welfare hospital for the PDSA in Soweto.    Mid 1995 she decided to move to the UK to gain international experience as a Veterinary Surgeon.    In 1995 she became interested in complementary therapies when she discovered how homoeopathy could help conditions where conventional medicine no longer had much to offer.

She trained as a homoeopath and became Veterinary Member of the Faculty of Homoeopathy in the UK by merit of passing the rigorous VetMFHom exams in the year 2000.

Since 1996 she has been integrating complementary therapies within her conventional practice and has found these methods very satisfying and effective for herself and her patients. She has studied a range of other therapies to complement her repertoire, including homotoxicology,  medical nutrition, herbs, essences, spiritual and crystal healing and acupuncture.

Becoming more and more curious about optimal health for herself she discovered Crystal Healing and The Journey. Owing to her own profound experiences she started the therapist training courses while continuing to work full time as a holistic vet. In 2002 she  completed the Journey Therapist Training course, and became a Licentiate member of the International College of Crystal Healers (ICCH) in 2003. She passed her Veterinary Acupuncture Exams in Jan 2004 (through the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists).

Having moved back to her home country in July 2004, Anuska has set up the first fully integrated holistic Veterinary practice in South Africa, combining her alternative skills, conventional medicine and surgery where animals are treated routinely in a holistic manner.

In 2009 she opened up Simply Pets which is a Pets Health and convenience store which went online in 2011.

Mandala Health is a fully equipped  Veterinary Hospital where patients are treated using a combination of alternative, conventional, and complimentary medicines. Facilities and services include a feline and canine ward, an isolation ward for infectious animals, a dog run with grass, radiology, a modern theatre using the latest anaesthetic agents and a in house blood chemistry machine, to allow immediate testing of blood samples on site. We offer dentistry, soft tissue and basic orthopaedic surgery, acupuncture including gold bead implants, electromagnetic field therapy, electro-acupuncture, homeopathy and many more.

The Journey
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Anuska sees any animal patients for acupuncture, nutrition, homoeopathy and / or Crystal Healing, on a first opinion, second opinion or referral basis.





Please phone +27- 44 - 343 1730 or email


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