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Case Study  Zach Anastassiades – Written by owner Mrs. Anastasiades in November 2008


Male Boxer Born November 2007

 Zach is a highly pedigreed Boxer from Tanyati boxers in Johannesburg. He comes from a line of champions.


At 6 months old Zach was neutered. Prior to this he had no skin problems at all.

Within 10 days Zach started to erupt in lumps. At first we thought he had eaten something, or had been stung. His first line of treatment was allopathic. He was given antihistamines and cortisone and antibiotics.

After 2 months of repeated courses there was minimal improvement and we heard of and visited Anuska Viljoen in Sedgefield.  He was still covered in lumps ‘

The treatment given can be better detailed by Anuska but it consisted of drops – Pulsatilla homeopathic medicine -  Heel Drainage drops and a raw food diet. Although we were warned that the treatment may cause the symptoms to get worse before they got better I must confess I was not prepared for the severity of the hundreds of lumps that appeared. However, we persisted and are very grateful that we did. A biopsy that my husband and I wanted to have done, was performed but turned out not to be necessary as the diagnosis given by Anuska of allergy was confirmed.

Within 2 months the treatment of Pulsatilla was reduced and after a month’s observation was discontinued. The lumps gradually disappeared. The raw food diet is still, and will always be, continued and Zach has the most amazing shiny, lump free coat. He is a picture of health and I will be eternally grateful that we embarked on this treatment.

He has now been lump free for 6 months.


Update: September 2009 – He has required only a few single doses of Pulsatilla in the last year, when the skin appeared to become a little red.


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