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JULY '09


In this edition of our newsletter we want to bring the focus onto our beloved animal senior citizens. Just like humans they suffer from a variety of different and potentially painful ailments when they get older.



Old Age is not for Sissy's


Lethargy, weight loss, cough, difficult or loud breathing, exercise intolerance, depressed


Very common in both older cats and dogs


lameness, reluctance to walk or exercise, decreased appetite, discomfort/pain

20% of adult dogs; 15% in cats



bumping into things, cloudy eyes, poor vision, cataracts

Moderately common in both cats and dogs


bad breath, redness in gums, swollen gums, pain when eating, swollen glands, cough, infections


85% of dogs and cats over 6 years of age


barking at night, restlessness, forgetting old tricks, behaviour changes, depression, fear, staring into space

Very common especially in dogs and less so in cats


decreased appetite, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst/urination


Common in older dogs and slightly less so in cats


increased thirst/urination, decreased appetite, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, back pain


Common in older cats and 10% of older dogs


Becoming deaf.

Commonly occurs when arthritis is present


How Old is your pet really?

See chart to work it out.


What if your physical / medical checkups were only every 5-7 years like pets?







Mid WinterMid Winter


This is the time of year that our seniors’ ailments become most noticeable, especially joint and organ problems.


How can we ensure early recognition of these conditions?


l       Complete annual or biannual work-up

l       Physical exam

l       Diagnostics—including blood smear, blood biochemistries, urinalysis; and if necessary more tests such as radiography

l       Nutrition consultation

l       Know general health status (baseline tests)

“Good news—your pet is healthy!”




At 7 Years old your pet may seem young to you, but in human terms it’s closer to 50!!!




  • 6 monthly physical exam
  • 6 monthly Urinalysis
  • Yearly geriatric blood screen


Early detection of tumors, degeneration of organs and joints and general health, eyes, ears and mouth.

Baseline blood and urine levels to compare yearly to detect health status and trend.

If any problems are detected further testing can easily be done before conditions have progressed too far.


Cost: R600 / yr

Worth: Over R1000




If you would like to take advantage of this offer your pet must be 7 years or more. Please book your health check with reception and bring in a urine sample. It is best if your pet has not eaten for the blood sample.




  • Urine strip
  • Urine SG
  • Biochemistry , ALT/GGT, ALKP, Urea, Creat, TP, Glucose

- Detects some organ dysfunctions and screens diabetes


- Determines early kidney and endocrine malfunction


- Baseline enzyme levels to determine liver and kidney   damage and gives quantifiable levels to determine extent and prognosis of disease. Also screens general organ function, endocrine function and disease status.